Laura Wardrop

Press Services International

Laura Wardrop has undertaken further study in the areas of Linguistics, Art, and Ministry. She currently works a graphic artist and painter, and takes a keen interest in exploring all areas of human creativity as a reflection of God’s character. She lives with her husband Stephen and two children in Brisbane. 

  • Truth in the pandemic age

    When post-modern theorist François Lyotard wrote in 1979 that knowledge would soon become primary commodity, he could not have conceived what the internet would become.

  • The letter and spirit of the law

    As a young teenager I discovered a true love for scripture and embarked on a cover-to-cover reading of my tattered New King James.

  • The dream of the Abbot of St. Denis

    In the years before our lives became eclipsed by the challenges of this pandemic era, we witnessed the rise of social media activism across platforms; a generation rose to fight for justice.