Latanya Fraser Cato

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Latanya Fraser Cato is an elementary school teacher who enjoys reading and writing poetry. She is currently a Sunday school teacher at her church in Japan and has served on various youth-related ministries both in church and school in her home country Jamaica. She has a passion for counseling and helping others. She has published a book of poems  entitled Soul’s Inspiration which she hopes will assist individuals facing various challenges..

  • Do not be deceived

  • Stand out

  • Forgiveness

    Learning to forgive is difficult for most of us. Especially when you are hurt by someone you have a close relationship with. When someone tries to tarnish your character, abandons you, hurt or abuse you it is not something you easily get over.

  • Fear not

    I’ve consistently allowed fear to rule my life throughout the years. Whenever I was to try something new I think about all the ways things could go wrong to the point where I’d give up on that idea. As a result of this fear, I’ve also struggled with anxiety.

  • Be Encouraged

    There was a time when I prayed every night before going to bed that I wouldn’t wake up the next day. At that point in my life, it seemed to be the only prayer that I could pray. I couldn’t contend with the pain that I was feeling, my emotions were drained and the thought of facing the next day was just too much to bear. It felt like an ongoing cycle with no end.

  • His comforting embrace

    I woke up and the reality hit me like a boulder, I wanted to run. I remember just screaming and my cousin holding me, trying to get me to calm down. My husband was gone, and he wasn’t coming back. I’ve never felt so helpless in all my life.

  • Mental distractions?

    When I moved from Jamaica to Japan five years ago, I felt broken and lost having left on the first anniversary of the death of my first husband.