Kristen Dang

Press Service International

Kristen is a family doctor who loves music, writing and anything artsy. She lives withher husband and daughter in Adelaide and writes a regular blog (lostnowfoundk) onlife with God. Her second blog (lilyofthevalleysk), aims to share her love for Jesusthrough the creative arts. See Kristen’s other articles at:

  • Conquering selfishness

    Pride and selfishness wear many disguises. Sometimes they take the spotlight, but often they express a more subtle influence.

  • A Greater Purpose

  • Valuable word

    Words are everywhere. We speak them, write them, study and learn them. They help us to communicate with each other, understand concepts and express ourselves. Words are valuable.

  • I’m in the Lord’s army

    A war wages constantly in heart, mind and spirit; a battle where strength and will fall quickly to the power of hope and faith. Surrender here does not mean failure.

  • The Scam of Sin

    Scammers today continue to lure people into their traps, stealing identity, security and wealth. Like a scam, sin can ...

  • Learning patience

    In our fast-paced world, patience can be hard to come by. Can we learn to wait; to wait on God, wait for one another, wait for a promise to be fulfilled? I want to learn patience that does not sit in unproductivity, but actively waits and demonstrates self-control.

  • Everyone has a superpower

    Superpowers come in many shapes and sizes.

  • Carrying Life

    What is it like to carry the life and light of Christ within us? I think about my pregnancy, the nine months of carrying a growing life within me, treasuring the kicks and changes along the way. There were times of discomfort, but they pale in comparison to the greater, and joy-filled purpose of what lay ahead - the birth of life.

  • Clarity in vision

    A pair of glasses can significantly change a life. The child, struggling at school, no longer falls behind in learning; the elderly man is able to read once again; a mosaic of blurry shapes and colours is restored to the sharp definition of traffic lights, cars, trees and pedestrians. Sight is important, and sometimes we need some help to see.

  • Following the painter

    Instructional videos are everywhere. You can search the internet for DIYs and tutorials on almost anything nowadays; cooking, sewing, workout routines, painting. Some people follow the instructions meticulously, while others make their own adjustments to alter the finished product. New skills are learnt, ideas are shared and people have the opportunity both to learn, and also to teach.