Kimberly-Joe Osborne

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Kimberly-Joe Osborne is an authentic, purpose driven, and adventurously expectant wife, mother, entrepreneur, and woman of God.

Better known as KJ, she is an outgoing introvert with a heart that beats for family, faith, travel, culture, creativity, and food. After becoming a mother, she realized adulting could sometimes be a “hot mess” and so laundry became her zen. On this road to recovery from trying to be the perfect mom and wife, she is currently writing her first book which speaks to aligning and growing in faith in the midst of routine.

Kimberly-Joe is also the co-founder of CoacHer Legacy, where she dedicates herself to coaching mothers with the objective of redesigning generational legacy God's way. Through CoacHer Legacy, she and her business partner Shelly-Ann Munroe, provide a social safe space for mothers seeking to live a richer life by stepping out into their God given purpose.

  • Fresh out of giddy up?

    Slumped over the chest of drawers as I got out the kids’ night clothes, I paused as I considered the opportunity cost of getting the washer fixed versus getting groceries.

  • Overcoming the fear of external forces

    Of late, my new favourite pastime is reading to my boys before bed. It is our bibliotherapy time. It is that exciting yet calming warm down to bedtime that they both look forward to; and with two at different ages, they both want a book each to read … no matter the length, no matter how late.

  • What to do when expecting …

    Quick question … what do you think this article is about? Based on the title and the photo, where do you believe most likely I’m going with all of this?

  • Esther’s Legacy

    That’s what the obituary in our local newspaper said. That is what her life summed up to on paper. But there was more to her than that.

  • Why worry?

    Sometime last week I took my youngest to the doctor and it was a stressful visit. It was that time again … his 18-month vaccination and checkup were due. First thing’s first … he’s not fond of going to the doctor, nor is he fond of injections – but what child is.

  • What’s on your list?

  • Heart Posture

  • Pickup time

    The first day of school is usually quite hectic for both parent and child. Neither fully knowing what to expect, the day is usually preoccupied with mixed emotions of joy, excitement, hesitation, anticipation, as well as anxiety of the unknown.