Kellie Grech

Press Services International

Kellie loves Jesus, health, beach, nature, adventures and community. Kellie has a passion for injustice and health and loves to help and empower others to find their true identity in God as well as their purpose, hope and a place of belonging as no one deserves to feel isolated or left out. Kellie values the small things in life and spending time also with her nephews. Kellie is currently studying her Masters of Social Work and Mental Health practice after graduating from a Bachelor in Psychology. Kellie works as a disability support worker and is the founder of Found By Love.

  • It is Okay to Slow Down

    I feel like so often we feel as though we need to maintain a fast pace. We put expectations on ourselves as to where we need or ‘should be’. For example, by the age of 30 we should be finished uni, be working in our career, be married, have children, and buy a house. However, this is so far from the truth, in fact it is just the expectations that society tries to place on us. 

  • There is Always Hope

    My intention is to always keep my articles authentic, real, and hopeful.

  • Dream on dreamer

  • God will Always Meet you Where You Are

    I will always keep my blogs authentic, real in the aim that it will bring encouragement and hope.

  • Fog – Rest and Abide

    Rest and Abide the Father says. With COVID it can be hard at times to find rest, and things may seem somewhat confusing. It is easy to feel foggy and the sense of not knowing what is happening in a world.