Kacy Garvey

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Kacy Garvey is a Christian poet, speaker and activist. In 2011, she launched "Rahab", an outreach to prostitutes in Geneva, Switzerland. She is a USAID certified HIV Testing and Counselling Provider and has also successfully completed training in Trafficking in Persons conducted by the International Organisation on Migration (IOM). She performs original pieces of spoken word poetry to various audiences, and in 2014 and 2018, she launched “Undone” and “Water Jar”, the first and only Christian poetry albums published in Jamaica thus far. As a founding member of the Love March Movement (since 2012) and #MarriageMattersJA (since 2018), she is a regular presenter on the science, politics and biblical worldviews on sex and sexuality. In January 2021, Kacy launched Caribbean Christian Response, an online movement that reviews the news from a biblical worldview and gathers millennials across the region to pray together and seek God’s heart on these issues.

  • Papillon  

    “Papillon” is a true story about Henri Charrière, a Frenchman framed for a murder in 1931 and then wrongly charged with a life sentence and hard labour.

  • Trust Funds

    On 11 January 2021, two words accidentally earned a tiny firm 527% profit in shares over night.

  • Sex starts at the Cross

    I cringed a bit when I heard it. Not because it was strange and confusing, but the exact opposite: it was relentlessly and undeservedly popular. And what made it so cringe-inducing wasn’t just the phrase itself, but more so the unquestioned wisdom and axiomatic authority with which it has been carried by generations of men:

  • Passing the Baton

    The Soninke are an unreached people group i.e. with no known Christian church or outreach. Their rank in the global political economy is humble to put it diplomatically.

  • Shot Glass Prayers

    In Jamaica, we have a saying “suck salt through wooden spoon” that means to endure hardship, usually over a prolonged period.

  • Scales on our Eyes

    We all have traits about ourselves that we are not proud of, and consciously or sub-consciously try to hide from others around us.

  • Worse than a Slave  

    When Jesus gave us the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), He gave us four distinct instructions:

  • The Third Pentecost

    The bible is beautifully poetic in the alignment and symbolism of major events. A mentor of mine recently revealed to me how this poetry leaps beyond the bible’s pages into milestones in our lives today.

  • The missing piece of the puzzle

    Some of us who have the luxury of not risking our lives working overtime as frontline workers have been confronted with a ghastly shock: our newly freed-up schedules are not being filled with more devotions, bible studies, prayer or fasting. More time has not equated to more time with God.

  • Your most dangerous distraction

    One of the most popular theories behind God allowing COVID 19 is the removal of our distractions. However, I posit that the most dangerous distraction for a Christian is neither social gatherings nor social media, but godly alternatives to their God-given purpose.