Kacy Garvey

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Kacy Garvey is a Christian poet, speaker and activist. In 2011, she launched "Rahab", an outreach to prostitutes in Geneva, Switzerland. She is a USAID certified HIV Testing and Counselling Provider and has also successfully completed training in Trafficking in Persons conducted by the International Organisation on Migration (IOM). She performs original pieces of spoken word poetry to various audiences, and in 2014 and 2018, she launched “Undone” and “Water Jar”, the first and only Christian poetry albums published in Jamaica thus far. As a founding member of the Love March Movement (since 2012) and #MarriageMattersJA (since 2018), she is a regular presenter on the science, politics and biblical worldviews on sex and sexuality. She hosts the new TV series “MTM News Magazine” which can be streamed live on www.mercyandtruth.tv.

  • Your most dangerous distraction

    One of the most popular theories behind God allowing COVID 19 is the removal of our distractions. However, I posit that the most dangerous distraction for a Christian is neither social gatherings nor social media, but godly alternatives to their God-given purpose.

  • Love is NOT blind

  • Lasik lessons

    I thought it would be cool to make my first article published in 2020 centre on my journey to getting 20/20 vision.

  • Content vs consent

    Last month, I inadvertently started a war on my Facebook wall by posting something that seemed so obvious to me that I was shocked that anyone could see it differently: the rape of Hagar and Bathsheba by Abram and David respectively. The impassioned debate that ensued opened my eyes to a lot of perspectives and nuances that I had never considered before.

  • Same elephant, different room

    Much of radical feminism today claims to empower women with autonomy over their bodies, and specifically their sexual choices. But if you simply peel back the mask of these policies, you’ll see that they are based on compensating for male irresponsibility. In short, it’s not about giving power to women; it’s about giving up on men.

  • My Dallas cowboy

    I made it to the airport on time for my flight but utterly exhausted. As I got to the check-in table, the attendant told me that the flight was overbooked, so I could volunteer for another route on the same airline. Not only would the new route be 5 hours shorter, but it would come with a US $400 gift card at a company of my choice.

  • The church he kissed goodbye

    Shock and sadness washed over the Western church when Joshua Harris publicly announced that he was leaving both his wife and his faith.

  • What is your profession?

     We’ve all heard that phrase before, the triumphant chant of a Sunday worship service, celebrating the confidence of God’s protection for His people. I personally have repeated it multiple times in the context of prayer, a prophetic word, examining a Bible verse or even a pep talk to myself every once in a while when I need my faith to come from hearing the word (even if the word uttered with my own voice).

  • Now Show Me Your Glory

     Growing up in church, there were some infamous stories that became etched in Sunday school and bible study folklore: Jonah getting swallowed by the whale, David killing Goliath, Moses asking God if he could see His face.

  • Honesty about Modesty

    Without reading more than the title, I’m sure that you immediately thought about women’s clothing.