Josiah Gray

Press Service International

Josiah Gray lives in Logan City, Australia. He is currently studying teaching at Christian Heritage College and is committed to telling the story of Jesus to the next generation. Josiah’s previous articles may be viewed at:

  • The Laws of Leviticus – A reflection on the most boring book of the Bible

    We have all made that same proclamation; “This year, I will read the whole Bible cover to cover!”. And we have all failed miserably at it

  • How to leave a church

    There’s no ‘correct’ way to leave a church. No perfect time to move on. Countless young people I have met describe to me a span of time they have spent ‘church-hopping’, and when I ask why this has been the case, they explain to me the ways they’ve been hurt by a certain church they used to be committed to – one that they poured their hearts into and felt they had been burned by in the end.

  • Grace never subtracts

    Grace adds, it never subtracts. Most people, when they read Genesis, are likely to fall into thinking about whether or not the universe was created in seven literal days.

  • The glory of the tree

    It seems to me the biggest thing anyone is looking for is purpose. People will strive and while away their lives just searching for some kind of reason to make the inescapable suffering of life worth it.

  • Covered in Grace

    I find great value in interaction with myth. To me, a myth (a story which is not factually accurate but concerns archetypal ideas) contains truth which can sometimes be truer than true.

  • Observations of a Classroom

    If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know I’m studying to be a teacher. These past two weeks, I have been on what we call ‘prac’ (practicum experience). Essentially, I have been at a school and, under the close eye of a mentor, teaching students. During this time, I have kept my eyes open and watched children and, with a Christian perspective, had some thoughts on the nature of children and education in general.

  • The Death of Media

    Media is dead. And we have killed it.

  • Running Towards

    Have you ever been chased? And I mean, REALLY chased? Maybe a dog down the street got of its leash, or maybe you broke your sister’s favourite toy (when you were a child) and she decided to break your face?

  • Remain in dialogue

    Do you ever feel like you’re trapped in your own head? When I go to sleep at night, I find that if I’m not calm or tired, my brain feels like it’s firing a thousand thoughts at once and it is almost as if it’s too loud for me to go to sleep (even though on the outside, one could likely hear a pin drop).

  • Take control of the life you’re given

    One of the things that annoys me most in the whole world is when people spend their lives glued to their phone with no other reason than to scroll (insert social media network here).