John Yates

Press Service International

The Rev. Dr John Yates is an Anglican minister in Perth and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. He spends time in praying, mentoring and writing.John Yates’s previous articles may be viewed at

  • Discerning the Call

    It’s not unusual to meet sincere Christians confused about which course of action to take to fulfil the will of God in their lives

  • The Wonderful Exchange

    One particularly intense way of describing our salvation keeps repeating itself in the history of theology. The second century author of the Letter to Diognetus calls it “the sweet exchange”, the great Reformers, Luther and Calvin, refer to it as “the wonderful exchange”.

  • The Secret of Fruit Bearing

    When Paul exhorts the Philippians, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” (chapter 4 verse17), he shifts the focus from material giving to eternal things.

  • Made to See

    Rick Warren famously began his bestselling The Purpose Driven Life with, “It’s not about you”.

  • Love and Power

    Since politics addresses issues such as human rights, poverty, wealth, and reconciliation, it is impossible for Christians to be apolitical.

  • Seeing Spiritually Praying Deeply

    There has been a rise in prayer globally in recent months, even if this is still marginal to mainstream Christianity.

  • Seeing Jesus

    I was very moved recently by an email prayer letter from a young Australian doctor and his wife in South Sudan. They had recently traveled into their local town and noticed a child motionless in a puddle on the street.  They later found he’d been lying there for two days.

  • Love Communicates

    In today’s world, where “fake news” abounds and social media rules imposing “cancel culture” are ever-expanding, there does not seem to be much space for the gospel.

  • Strengthener

    Though approaching 40 years as an ordained pastor, the Lord has been challenging me recently about a ministry of strengthening others.

  • Unworthy Fury

    I have found over the decades that the Lord speaks to me most clearly through a combination of personal experience and scripture.