John Skinner

Press Service International

John Skinner is a retired journalist who has written ten biographies on famous campdrafting competitors. He was an Australian infantry soldier wounded in Vietnam, served six years as a Police Officer, was CEO of the then Australian Rough Riders Assn (Pro-Rodeo based in Warwick, Qld). He and his wife Marion retired to a small farm 25km south of Warwick 20 years ago. They have three children and now seven grandchildren.

  • The First European Explorers

  • Bidirectional Single-track railway lines

    It means a single line which allows trains to run in both directions.

  • Weeds! Why God?

    A weed is any plant growing in the wrong place. This is what all horticulturists are taught from the very beginning.

  • Riding on the sheep’s back

    It has been said Australia rode on the sheep’s back.

  • The Vermont sheep in Australia

    The Vermont (USA) rams devastated the Australian wool industry when introduced in the 1880s and the effects are still being felt 140 years later.

  • Arthur Stace & Eternity

    It was just after midnight on January 1, 2000, when the word ‘Eternity’ appeared in copperplate writing on the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • Grain on Rail Again

    Railway trucks full of grain are once again travelling through Warwick on their way to Brisbane.

  • The droving days

    I’ve mustered a thousand cattle or more, during my life and heaven only knows how many sheep but I was never a drover.

  • Our Pigeons

    Some time back, senior Christian Today writer Sheelagh Wegman wrote an article about pigeons which reminded me of the loft my brother and I had at my parent’s home in Hornsby, NSW.

  • Snakes Alive!