John Lemmon

Press Service International

Since retiring from work, John Lemmon now spends his time teaching, preaching and writing about the word of God, online and offline, answering God's call on him to “Speak to my people.” You can connect with John on Twitter (@JohnBLemmon) or on his website: or listen to his podcast on iTunes:

  • Spiritual warfare

  • Seeking the truth

    Every so often we come across a new doctrine or practice in the church and wonder where it came from. And even some older doctrines in the church bear scrutiny from time to time.

  • Finding the Joy of the Lord

    I have struggled with the difference between joy and happiness. After researching this issue, I find I am not alone. So recently, I set out to discover what the differences are and this is what I have found.

  • Your mind is your prison

    There is a battle going on in the spiritual realm for supremacy over humanity. The forces of good and evil are arrayed against one another for the salvation or destruction of humankind.

  • Hope out of darkness

    The essence of Christianity is that we have hope in Jesus Christ. The hope for a better life, the hope of salvation, and the hope that one day we shall live in God’s eternal kingdom with Jesus Christ and the Father.

  • Religion and politics

    Religion and politics. Two words that most people would agree should not be spoken in the same sentence.

  • Finding peace in Jesus Christ

    Having just travelled in a cramped caravan for the past four months with a difficult teenager, I have to say that peace is a subject that has been on my mind.

  • Where do you worship?

    For thousands of years people have identified places of worship for their various deities as though their gods were linked or chained to some geographical location.

  • If God is good, why is the world evil?

    Nothing saddens me more than to hear of people who having come to Christ decide to turn away from him.

  • Are you focused on the flesh or the spirit?

    There are many Christians suffering from a range of physical ailments and conditions. Some also suffer mentally from their conditions, whereas others have been able to look beyond their situation to find peace.