Jeremy Dover

Press Service International

  • The next generation 

    The next generation of Christian writers was acknowledged at the Press Services International “2019 annual young writer's” conference held last Saturday at the Craigieburn Salvation Army.

  • Anglican Ironman

    "I pray for everyone that overtakes me, so that's a lot of folk getting prayed for out there.” Rev. Paul Carr has an unusual hobby.

  • How to grow the church? Barista coffee, Better food, Modern music

    How to grow the church? Barista coffee, Better food, Modern music. These were the suggestions offered when I asked how do we grow the church today.

  • “Sport is life”  

    Sport is a metaphor for life. It can teach us many things. Several times this month people have mentioned this concept to me. I wanted to explore one connection they made between sport and life.

  • “Breaking 2: The greatest barrier in sport since the 4 minute mile”

    Try this if you dare: time yourself running a lap of a 400 metre track. Do you think you could run it in 68 seconds? And could you keep this pace for 42 kilometres?

  • Finding sports Holy Grail: Flow

    All athletes strive towards it. They know when it is happening because their performance and enjoyment spike. Yet no one can control when it occurs. The “it” is an optimal performance state called Flow.