Jennifer Khan

Press Services International

Jennifer Javed Khan is a PSI young writer from Pakistan.

  • Expectation about the future

    Human beings are always curious about what will happen in future. Most of us still make our minds have positive expectations for the future. But as it says, life is uncertain.

  • Shrink your carbon profile

    We may ask each other what is causing season change. What is happening to the Arctic Ice? What is causing ozone depletion? And so on, so forth.

  • Keep my eyes above the waves

    During my morning commute to work, my routine is putting on my playlist. The first song plays “Oceans”. Here are some of the lyrics:

  • God is love

    After reading Jonah from the Old Testament with my Faith Seekers Group at Sunday School, I realized a few points:

  • What does relationship mean in the Bible?

    Lately I received a picture on Instagram with few empty jars with labels, the statement on the top said “Jars of your fears”, and posed this question: Mark the jar with how much you feel scared of each label mentioned at the jar? The options included: small spaces, heights, spiders, darkness, public speaking, clowns, snakes, losing a loved one, water and fire.

  • Connecting at work

    My colleague was very worried. She was constantly checking her pedometer watch, which she wears regularly to monitor her daily steps.

  • The biggest goal I have achieved so far  

    My parents named me Jennifer Javed Khan. It’s a combination of Christian name “Jennifer” and “Javed Khan” is the Non-Christian part.