Jamine Gardner

Press Services International

Jamine Gardner is an Occupational Therapist specialising in paediatric development and disability. Jamine runs a children’s ministry program for children with special needs at church, and is passionate about seeing people walk with Jesus in every stage of their life. Jamine runs a paediatric practice with her best friend, loves going to the beach with her dog, and laughing with the people she loves.

  • Embracing an awkward pause

    Conversations are complicated things. Sure, when you read that sentence it sounds like I’m lying. You might think ‘conversations are easy, they happen all day every day’… But hear me out; when you unpack what a conversation involves, it’s pretty complex.

  • How big is your ‘but’?

    Recently I have found myself challenged by the frequency that the word “but” escapes my lips. In the midst of big life changes, faith steps, and everyday challenges I often hear myself throwing the word “but” around as an indicator that any number of excuses and faith-killing words are about to come out of my mouth.

  • What’s in a name?

    My name is weird. It’s beautiful, but it’s weird. For the record, the phonetic pronunciation is Jih-meen.

  • Life in the in-between places

    I gave my life to Jesus about 15 years ago, as an adventurous teenager at a Friday night youth service. I learned a lot about how to walk with God from being active in the local church. I also attended many conferences with big time preachers and worship bands.