Graham McDonald

Press Service International

Graham McDonald is the President of Diduno

  • The Holden Car and the Christian Connection

    This announcement caused shock waves through Australia as so many of the population had grown up with the Holden brand.

  • Who is the Child?

    Throughout the history of mankind, the natural progression of life has been birth, ultimately followed by death at some point in time.  During these trying times it might be worth looking at the importance of parenting.

  • The Jesus of History

    Time Magazine did a story about the ‘Most Significant Person in History’ and concluded after a very comprehensive and detailed research program that Jesus was that person. The results appeared in their December 10th, 2013 edition.

  • Joseph Rowntree 1836 – 1925

    For 14-year-old Joseph travelling with his father to Ireland and seeing the appalling effects of the Great Famine, where at least one million poor people starved to death, was to have a real impact on his life.

  • International Nurses day - the Lady with the Lamp  -  Florence Nightingale 1820-1910

    International Nurses Day, 12 May 2020, was celebrated exclusively online through social media and web platforms, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • The Story Behind QANTAS - Sir Hudson Fysh 1895-1974

    His grandfather helped William Booth found the Salvation Army and Hudson Taylor the famous China Inland Mission. His mother Mary spent time working as a missionary in China with Hudson Taylor and with the Rev George Brown in Papua New Guinea.

  • Coca Cola, Cocaine, Caffeine and the Christian Connection

    This flowing copperplate script with red and white colours is a logo that is recognisable around the world.

  • The Great Christmas Awakening and the Christian Connection  

    How could there be such a reduction in problem drinking? Boxing Day 1903 saw 40,000 people in Wales, mainly miners go to Cardiff for a big celebration and many of them ended up all the worse for their drinking as was quite common.

  • William Guthrie Spence

    SPENCE, WILLIAM GUTHRIE (b. Eday, Orkney Islands, Scotland, 7 Aug 1846; d. Terang, Vic, 13 Dec 1926). Trade unionist, politician, and Methodist local preacher.

  • Arthur Smith Arnott

    Australians have always had a curious attitude to their favourite biscuits. Eating them is not enough. We have to play with them. Long before someone thought to bite off the corners of a Tim Tam to slurp coffee up the centre, millions of Aussie children squeezed thin yellow and black worms out of two SAOs sandwiched together with butter and vegemite.