Genevieve Wilson

Press Service International

Genevieve Wilson is Canadian. a happily married home-schooling mum of 3, whose passion is to see people come to know Jesus. She is a seminary wife to her amazing husband.

  • Church, it is time to confront each other in love

    Many years ago, I was working with a mission organization.  On that team, there was a sweet young lady and for some reason (I have no idea why now, but at the time thought it was cute), I would call her ‘punk’. 

  • What if you are just a Sunday Christian?

    Would people believe you are a Christian by the way you act? I know that we tell people that we are Christians, but what if someone were to follow you around for a day, a week, or even a month and they had access to your whole life, would they know that you are believer in Christ? Would they believe you if you told them that you worship God? 

  • Turn Off the Internet Service…Go Back to Church

    All our lives have changed so much over the past few months, so it is no surprise that how we do church has changed as well. Overnight, we began tuning into our church from the comfort of our home.

  • Riots and Racism is a consequence of sin

    Obviously, the reports of racism and rioting are disturbing, yet not surprising. I say they are not surprising because the Bible clearly describes the consequences of sin, both in this life and in the afterlife.

  • What is your obituary going to say?

    Maybe it is the fact that death seems to be more the topic of conversation, on every news cast, or the fact that we have a real pandemic around us that is killing some, or maybe it is that I just finished reading the memoir of my dear friend’s late husband, that has me wondering what would be said in my obituary.

  • The Corona Curveball

  • The home quarantine school

    Most likely, if it has not happened yet, in the next few weeks, Australia will follow the rest of the world and all children will do school from home. For many parents, this new lifestyle is going to be a huge shock. You are going to go from seeing your children a few hours a day to being with them 24 hours/7 days a week. 

  • Kobe Bryant death is a warning to all of us

    The world has been in shock with the recent death of Kobe Bryant.  A man who by worldly standards had it all.  He had a successful basketball career, many awards, a beautiful family, fame and fortune.

  • Really, He isn’t your Prime Minister

    Recently, on my Facebook feed, there have been a lot of #notmyPM, as people showed their displeasure towards the Australian government in the way they have handled the fires.  

  • A forgotten act for those we love the most

    I love my family a lot.  I mean, I am crazy about them, so crazy about them that I love living life with them.   I get to watch them grow, I get to teach them so many things, I get to see what they are truly passionate about and what makes them struggle.  But I love them so much that we did what we all dread and fear to do and that is wrote our will.