Frances Ducommun

Press Services International

Frances Ducommun is from Brisbane Australia, a student of philosophy and artistic endeavors. She thinks she's funny, is constantly covered in cat hair and will substitute sleep with reading if no one keeps an eye on her. 

  • Accidental Witchcraft

    The instructions of the Facebook event had led me to a bonfire in a park. I joined the group of strangers sitting in the warm glow and it wasn’t long before I realized that many of those whom I was chatting with were involved in the occult.

  • Truth v. Logic

    Just because something is logical does not make it true. Here is an example: Premise one: All men are pigeons. Premise two: Socrates is a man.

  • Conversational Judo

    Just as there are tricks to skateboarding, art, or anything in life, there are tricks to processing information. So here are a few tricks they don't teach in school.

  • Tame the Fear, not the Storm

    I was struggling for months with disabling anxiety when I felt another panic attack approaching. As the fear coiled up my gut, I suddenly experienced the sensation of rain hitting me – my mind converted the emotion to sensation.

  • Relationship Advice You Haven’t Heard

    Imagine if we spiritualized other areas of life the same way we did relationships?