Elizabeth Dunlop

Press Services International

Elizabeth is a student of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Special Education, a proud public speaker at Toastmasters International and budding entrepreneur. In my free time, she loves reading, cycling, crocheting and most recently, mastering cuisine in the kitchen. Her life’s ambition is to own an international non-profit ministry focusing on eliminating poverty in Africa and Asia as well as ministering mental and emotional healing.

  • He restores my soul

    I have been falling deeper and deeper in love with Gods word recently. The precious promises in the bible that I have been finding and leaning on have become like a sweet fragrance to a desperate soul.

  • Why me?

    Have you ever paused to reflect on all you have been through and been tempted to ask God....”Why me?”. I know I have.

  • Master the art of Failing

    In order to succeed, you must master the art of failing.

  • Suffering – the beginning or the end?

    If you have been a Christian for any amount of time, you may have encountered the doctrine as well as the experience of suffering.