Elise Williams

Press Services International

Elise Williams lives on the Sunshine Coast with her family. She has a Diploma of Business and is currently studying a Diploma of Library and Information Services. She is passionate about God and has quite the creative streak. She has a heart for others and strives to encourage others to know God’s love and to understand how beautiful and valued they are in God’s eyes.

  • Being Offended

    The feeling of being “offended” is a warning indicator that is showing you where to look within yourself for unresolved issues – Bryant H McGill. 

  • Where have you put your Anchor?

    I love the ocean, one of the things I love about it is the fact that it can go from complete calm to absolute chaos with waves crashing over the top of each other in an instant.

  • The Art of Giving

    I love to give. There is something inside of me that loves seeing the excitement on someone’s face when you hand them that perfect gift. Every time I think I have the perfect gift for someone it takes everything inside of me to be patient and wait for the right time to give them their gift. Giving brings me joy, satisfaction, love and allows me to show someone a little bit of what they mean to me. 

  • Rising to the challenge

    I had a very complicated relationship with the word ‘challenge’. When I was younger, I was not too fond of the thought of it and I would rather hide my head under the covers than stomach the idea of being challenged.

  • The Art of Worship

    During COVID-19 when we were in lockdown, I spent a lot of time in worship at home on my own.

  • What world are you living in?

    Words have so much power. They can be the defining point of change, realisation, and perspective in a person’s life. The words that we speak can have the power to create what kind of world we experience.

  • Out of the comfort zone

    The Shire – not where hobbits live, but an area known in Sydney where we lived in our own little world, surrounded by The Royal National Park and beautiful beaches.

  • The Art of Communion

    I often wondered about the symbolic act of communion taken corporately in church.  When I was younger, my mum went to work and my dad and brother were distracted by a game they were playing, so I thought at the age of about 10 I would watch a DVD.

  • What a life can teach you

    My grandfather Colin was a great man—he was talented, faithful, and funny. When he lost his battle with cancer in August, my family and I felt his loss in a huge way. Although I was sad about his death, I also felt a peace with God as I knew where he was going.

  • It’s good to be you

    When you are hanging out with your friends in a group situation, have you ever looked around and come to the realisation that in a lot of ways your friends are all similar to each other.