Elise Williams

Press Services International

Elise Williams lives on the Sunshine Coast with her family. She has a Diploma of Business and is currently studying a Diploma of Library and Information Services. She is passionate about God and has quite the creative streak. She has a heart for others and strives to encourage others to know God’s love and to understand how beautiful and valued they are in God’s eyes.

  • Rising to the challenge

    I had a very complicated relationship with the word ‘challenge’. When I was younger, I was not too fond of the thought of it and I would rather hide my head under the covers than stomach the idea of being challenged.

  • The Art of Worship

    During COVID-19 when we were in lockdown, I spent a lot of time in worship at home on my own.

  • What world are you living in?

    Words have so much power. They can be the defining point of change, realisation, and perspective in a person’s life. The words that we speak can have the power to create what kind of world we experience.

  • Out of the comfort zone

    The Shire – not where hobbits live, but an area known in Sydney where we lived in our own little world, surrounded by The Royal National Park and beautiful beaches.

  • The Art of Communion

    I often wondered about the symbolic act of communion taken corporately in church.  When I was younger, my mum went to work and my dad and brother were distracted by a game they were playing, so I thought at the age of about 10 I would watch a DVD.

  • What a life can teach you

    My grandfather Colin was a great man—he was talented, faithful, and funny. When he lost his battle with cancer in August, my family and I felt his loss in a huge way. Although I was sad about his death, I also felt a peace with God as I knew where he was going.

  • It’s good to be you

    When you are hanging out with your friends in a group situation, have you ever looked around and come to the realisation that in a lot of ways your friends are all similar to each other.

  • After the healing

    From a young age and coming from a Christian upbringing, I often heard stories about blind people suddenly being able to see, people standing up from their wheelchairs and the sick being healed.

  • The foundation of confidence

    Where do you get your self-worth? I have had a lot of friends that would seek out the approval and compliments of others in order to feel like they have value in this world, I have even fallen into this habit myself.