• 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership Preview

    With the cricket season well and truly over, it\'s finally time to get down to business. No not the AFL, I\'m talking about a genuine contact sport, Rugby League.

  • God meets your needs

    My worst mistake in relationships is not taking my needs to God first. Whenever I needed comfort, protection, companionship or validation, I looked to people before I looked to God.

  • Reflecting on mission in Myanmar and western culture

    Some years ago I was part of a group who visited Myanmar for two weeks through a Christian network. I\'d been studying cross cultural mission and I\'ve been privileged to be part of quite a number of missions around Asia and the sub-continent over those years.

  • Feeling down? Look up!

    World events proclaim the evil one constantly. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. That Bible verse clearly declares the world is made up of two specific groups ...a) those who \'know\' they are of God, and b) the rest.

  • Children\'s colouring books challenge

    NZ Herald ran an interesting article recently how children\'s colouring books dropped off the top sales list to a parenting book and this behoves the question as to what might be happening to this traditional and essential tool for children.

  • Sharpening iron

    Being a Christian without likeminded friends can be difficult. Many Christians have or will experience this at some point, whether it is because they just got saved, moved to a new place or simply because all the suitable candidates seem to be nowhere in sight.

  • I don\'t serve God because‚Ķ

    I love working with young people. I love seeing their child-like faith and willingness to know God more. I love seeing them accept the grace and love of God and confess that He is what they have been looking for.

  • How do we rely on God?

    Sometimes I worry that the events I organise won\'t go the way I envision. That the ideas I have won\'t impact the people the way that I imagine it will.

  • A letter to single Christians

    The God we serve is a good God, and He is a giver of good gifts. No matter what our situation, or how we find our life, we need to remember that God is good all the time.

  • China: Living Stone church deacon sentenced to five years in prison

    On 15 February 2017 Zhang Xiuhong, the former deacon of Living Stone Church, Guizhou province, was sentenced to five years in prison.