Dat Nguyen

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Dat Nguyen is a student at the Master’s Seminary and a member of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California. His desire is to be a faithful minister of the Word of God. He loves playing basketball and watching movies.

  • Believe, become and be free

    Last week, my friends and I, being part of the neighborhood outreach ministry, went to the North Hollywood Metro station to evangelize. We encountered a gentleman named Sam.

  • The Ministry of Love (Part 4)

    So far, we have talked about the leading qualities of love (What love is), the restraining nature of love (What does not), and now we are going to finish this section with the tenacious power of love.

  • The Ministry of Love (Part 3)

    The third characteristic of love is the constraining nature of love. These are the things that love does not do.

  • The Ministry of Love (Part 2)

    Last year, I started writing on the essential nature of love in ministry, and I attached a link to the previous article that I wrote on the topic of love.

  • The self-esteem and parenting

  • It is good to fight

    War, in its essence, has never been good. No doubt, it is an absolute necessity in many cases- to procure the liberty of nations, contain evil, preserve lives, and protect the weak. However, war has always involved damages, casualties, and suffering.

  • Classical Apologetics in Evangelism

  • The ministry of love (part 1)

  • Church Government

    Churches today have many different forms of government, and church government has been a debatable topic in the evangelical world.

  • Hell is Real

    Believe it or not, Jesus spoke about the reality of hell and its danger more than the comfort and hope of heaven so that people would come to trust in Him and repent.