Cindy Cheng

Press Service International

Cindy Cheng was born and brought up in central China. Cindy enjoys travelling and reading history books. Cindy is inspired by talking with local people when travelling abroad experiencing different parts of the world, as well as herself.

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  • Small things count

    Affected by traditional culture when growing up, I was taught to make big achievements. If you ask a child in my generation about his future dream, eight out of ten will tell you their ambitious plans: to make great contribution to the world, or embark on influential careers that impact others’ lives. Therefore, common replies will always be scientist, doctor or lawyer.

  • Let’s talk about death

  • It is time to slow down 

  • Blessing of serving others

    We have been studying Mark in our small group lately. In the past weeks, we were reviewing chapter 8 to chapter 10, which focuses on Jesus’ three prophesies of His own death and resurrection.

  • A visit to foster home

    Together with 3 friends, I visited Julia’s foster home last week. We mainly helped to play with the children, feed them food, weed the garden and clean the yard. It was such a full and interesting day that I couldn’t help thinking of it after I was back home.

  • Is everyone inquiring about your marriage?

    Young people in China are becoming older and older before getting married. It has evolved as a social phenomenon that almost every press or social media forum reports about from time to time.

  • The true renewal 

    In this ever-updating era, we tend to expect renewals now and then in our lives. We want something new to happen so that life appears more diverse than yesterday. We desire something upgraded so that we are not behind the latest trend. Like many people in my age, I fell into the pit of refreshing my life with new things recently.

  • Thorn in the flesh

    As finite and fragile human beings, we deal with various diseases throughout our lives. Some of them are treatable, while some are incurable and people live with them until they die.

  • Where to store your wealth

    Chinese Lunar New Year fell on February 12th this year. I went back to my hometown to spend this traditional festival with my family as usual.

  • In understanding God’s word  

    As Christians, we are taught that the scripture is breathed out by God and used for equipping God’s people for good work.