Christina Tyson

Press Service International

Christina Tyson has been a Salvation Army officer (minister) for almost 30 years.For 16 years she was involved in Salvation Army communications, and now works with her husband as pastors of a Salvation Army church and community centre in Newtown, Wellington.

  • Let Youth Take the Lead

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed at the failure of leadership and vision coming from some of the world’s ‘adults’ when measured against that of those many years younger.

  • Tacking the Demons of Addiction

    When we talk about the harmful use of alcohol, we sometimes hear people talk about the ‘red mist’, the violent or aggressive impulses that can take over when some people drink too much.

  • Lessons learned and unlearned

    As a teenager, I had a short-lived and highly unsuccessful babysitting career. One memorable fail was when I decided to wake a sleeping baby for a cuddle. I poked and prodded through its wooden cot bars until the poor baby stirred. Then it cried. Loudly and endlessly.

  • Mosque Killings not ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’

    The evening of the Christchurch mosque attacks I checked in with Mum, knowing the day’s events would have triggered strong feelings for her. My brother—her son, John—was killed in 1997, in a mass shooting at Raurimu. I know this because the Christchurch shootings triggered grief spasms for me, and I’m sure for my sister Heather, too.

  • More than quirky heritage

    Late last year I heard Radio New Zealand’s Kim Hill interview Jeremy Salmond, recipient of the 2018 NZ Institute of Architects Gold Medal in recognition of an outstanding career in heritage architecture.

  • Stretch those muscles

    I was the kid who walked the school cross country, who stood on third base praying no runners or balls would come my way, and who was so uncoordinated the ’80s aerobics fad held zero appeal. And yet, over the summer holidays, I bested my super-fit husband in the great outdoors.

  • Binge watching Stranger Things 2

    There was a time when we’d watch a TV programme and spend ages talking about it the next day. A time when we waited a whole week (or an entire off-season) to find out what happened next. Not so today.

  • Building bridges or walls?

    I’ve been watching the series A.D. on Netflix – a compelling dramatisation of the New Testament book of Acts showing the intrigue, the terror and the transformation surrounding the birth of the Christian Church.

  • Are Likes really Likes?  

    I’m what you’d call a reluctant Facebook adoptee.

  • Should he stay or should he go?

    I’ve sat at my father’s deathbed twice, almost three times. The first time was when Dad suffered a major stroke at 66. We weren’t sure he’d survive. He did, but was left paralysed on one side and with his personality very much changed.