Christina Tyson

Press Service International

Christina Tyson has been a Salvation Army officer (minister) for almost 30 years.For 16 years she was involved in Salvation Army communications, and now works with her husband as pastors of a Salvation Army church and community centre in Newtown, Wellington.

  • Safeguarding God’s children

    ‘The church should be the leaders; instead, they are dragging their heels at the bottom of the road.’ These are the words of faith-based abuse survivor Gloria Ramsey to the New Zealand Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care in December 2020.

  • Disciples in Lockdown

    Knock, knock. Who’s there? I know it’s not Thomas. He’s the most paranoid of us all. Adamant we stay in lockdown until it’s safe again. Until everything dies down (if you’ll excuse the pun). Until everyone forgets about Jesus, and our lives can get back to normal.

  • Wising up

    Pain is a solid motivator for change. Without some pain or unease, we may never change much at all.

  • Early church sites tour - Turkey

    I continue to be amazed by the beauty of Turkey! Although a busy industrial country (its number-one industry is car manufacturing), the land is fertile, so there's a lot of agricultural activity going on.

  • Thank God for wheelie bin robots

    While walking to work, my eyes were opened to the glory of wheelie bins.

  • The risky business of nativity plays

    One of my favourite nativity plays has no shepherds, no angels, no Mary or Joseph and no wise men.

  • Sometimes the earth moves

    Kiwi folk singer Jess Chambers captures the mixed blessing of life in New Zealand in her song ‘Island’.

  • Tap into God’s Autocorrect for Life

    Predictive and autocorrect on smartphones are supposed to help us out. But they’re not always right—and sometimes they’re laughably wrong. Like when you say you’re ‘auditioning your kids’, only to have autocorrect change that to ‘auctioning your kids’. Or when you text your sister that ‘Grandma is in the grave’, when you thought you were typing ‘Grandma is in the garage’!

  • Work together for NZ’s mental health

    Last week, 10 October was World Mental Health Day, but just how mentally well are we? While New Zealand is the eighth happiest country in the world, it’s an indictment on our society that we have the highest suicide rate for 15- to 24-year-olds, five times that of Britain and twice that of Australia.

  • Timely Lessons from Tough Times

    How do you answer a 15-year-old who wants to know why God doesn’t help people in a pandemic?