Chanell Diaz

Press Services International

Chanell Diaz is a member of The Salvation Army in New Zealand. She and her husband Ronald both work as child care workers and Chanell is also a qualified Youth Worker through Praxis. Chanell has a heart for justice and enjoys creating art and writing in her spare time.

  • How to deal with life's disappointment

    Often times in my faith journey I find myself hitting a wall. Sometimes life is so dark that it's hard to even pray. Church becomes routine and sometimes even that is too difficult.

  • Artwork  -  “As I reach out, you reach back”

    I had an idea in my head that I wanted to convey through art. I used the image of the hands from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” Fresco painting as most people will recognise the religious imagery.

  • Science and other wonders of creation

    I love nature and science as it shows me God’s creativity, power and also God’s love. Some of my favourite verses in the bible are the ones that use animals and nature as a metaphor. God gave us humans an inquisitive mind so we can explore this amazing planet and universe.

  • Christian tattoo flash

    I drew this piece of common Christian themed tattoo designs because I find the book of Leviticus to be a frustrating piece of scripture.

  • Cancel culture

    In a time when people are more upset over Dr. Seuss books being discontinued than they are about gun control, we need to have a serious talk about cancel culture.

  • Stillness and the changing seasons

    As summer begins to wind down, I notice some nights are colder than others. Some trees have begun to lose their leaves and my thoughts turn to planning out my garden for autumn.

  • Art  -  Waiporoporo koru  -  “Purple koru/spiral”

    I painted the piece some years ago while I was studying youth work through praxis. We had been learning about bi-culturalism and how that informs our practise with young people.

  • The day democracy was tested

    Barely a full week into the new year and 2021 was already trying to compete with 2020. On January 6th the unthinkable happened. The US Capitol building was attacked by its own citizens.

  • Finding peace in my garden

    During this time of fear and uncertainty it is important to find something to do that brings you joy. For some it might be baking, some it might be a creative outlet. For some it might just be time with their family (while still following the recommended “social distancing” of course).

  • Spring halloween and wedding season

    As October is coming to an end, I notice my garden is coming to life. A lot of flowers (a lot of weeds) and berries are being pollinated and my vegetables are thriving. It gives me a different vibe for halloween compared to my northern hemisphere friends, which as we know is autumn, with cool weather and pumpkin spice lattes (yum).