Blake Gardiner

Press Services International

Hailing from North Auckland, Blake Gardiner sounds American, looks Swedish, but grew up in Laos. As an introvert, Blake lives life on the edge by socialising. When he isn’t putting his life at such risk, he enjoys reading theology and debating whether Interstellar is truly the greatest movie of all time.

  • Making an ass of only me

    Has it ever occurred to you that this common quip is a two-way phrase? It’s a play on the composition of the word ‘assume’ that requires two parties who are equally worthy of foolishness.

  • New Zealand young people invited to write

    2020 will be the ninth year of the Kiwi young writer program with Christian Today New Zealand.

  • Buy your girlfriend before you try her

    Outraged? Does the title bother you? I hope so. It’s horrible, yet it reflects an unfortunately prevailing view in society.

  • New Zealand chosen to launch one of the largest ever Global Bible Campaigns

    One of the largest global Bible campaigns has chosen to launch in New Zealand this January. Bible 2020 aims to encourage ‘everyone, everywhere’ to engage with the Bible in their own context and in their own language. It is anticipated that the Bible 2020 app will be used across the world as individuals speak aloud a different Bible passage each day of the year.

  • Christina Tyson and the Kiwi young writers

    Major Christian Tyson is the former head of the New Zealand Salvation Army Media Unit and the ‘Patron’ - type person to help the Kiwi young writers establish themselves as a separate entity to the Australian young writers ministry.

  • Julie Belding – ARPA Life Member

    A few weeks ago now, on Saturday 7 September in Christchurch, Julie Belding

  • NZ Salvation Army War Cry ARPA presentation

    A few weeks ago now, on Friday 6 September in Christchurch, the NZ Salvation Army Media Unit gave a presentation on their War Cry edition in the wake of the Christchurch shooting.

  • Kiwi young writers gains a Patron

    Major Christina Tyson, the former head of New Zealand Salvation Army Media, has graciously given the green light to helping the Kiwi young writers to become their own entity – separate to Australia.

  • A new WEA Director for Missions and Evangelism appointed from New Zealand

    The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has appointed New Zealand’s Dr. Jay Matenga as the next Executive Director of the WEA’s Mission Commission (WEA MC). Jay was selected after a thorough search by the Mission Commission’s Global Leadership Council from a number of quality applicants.

  • Coming to terms with my Christian sinfulness

    Walk into most churches and you will find a plethora of euphemisms to describe our condition before God and our need for Jesus. Missing the mark, stuffing up, falling short, making mistakes.