Araina Kazia Pereira


Araina Kazia Pereira from Wellington, New Zealand is a published writer having written for various outlets and most recently joining as a Press Service International young writer. She enjoys asking the big questions and writing about the challenging questions that she has wrestled with in her own journey, as well as her learnings along the way. You can contact her at

  • Santa why is Christmas different this year?

    Christmas is well and truly around the corner and for some, this is the first glimpse of being able to leave the city ...

  • Choosing Kindness, Choosing Character

    Over the last little while, our world has seen many things come its way, from a global pandemic to the recent death of George Floyd and the on flow of political protests.

  • Riding the wave in the Storm: Learning to protect your mental and physical health when stuck at home

    Ah and here we are again, just about a year later, finding ourselves once again in a situation that has now become all too familiar.

  • Digital Transformation of the Church? Why COVID19 has been good for the church

    Over the years, the church has transformed in many ways, when we think back to the early church, we don’t necessarily see what we know of as church today. The thing about incremental change is that it allows people to adjust. Often the changes have been so subtle that one can barely notice.

  • Here, in the wait

    Have you ever been sick, gone to a doctor, been given meds and never taken them? I did once. I was still sick two weeks later.

  • To Guard the Secret Place

    As a kid, the classic novel “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett,  was one of my favourites. It follows the story of a selfish wealthy girl who becomes orphaned and is sent to live with her uncle. When she gets to her uncle’s home, her life begins to look very different to what it used to.

  • Is conflict in the church healthy?  

    The picture of a happy and unified church is one that sings of what the church should be. Often when looking from the outside, it may also be what people see.

  • Come, all who are weary

    The new year often kicks of with most feeling refreshed after some time away with loved ones, reset for the year to ...

  • And He called it good

  • Have we disguised the saboteur of blessing?

    The saboteur of blessing is not always clothed in black with horns coming out his head, nor is it the person who got in the way of your promotion, nor is it the person that you last argued with. Often we have in our own ways disguised the true saboteur of blessing.