Akeel Henry

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Akeel Henry (West Indies) enjoys sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with all individuals. He is currently a trained Biochemist who aspires to become a physician and a pastor. If you wish to share feedback concerning his articles, his email address is ah051097@gmail.com. He can also be reached on facebook, Instagram (Akeel Henry) and on twitter (@A155_thevine).

  • Are all relationships reconcilable?

    It’s disheartening to see how domestic violence has caused so much pain in the lives of many Jamaicans.  A local newspaper in 2018 told the sad tale of a woman who “was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband” (The Gleaner,2018). Once again, another victim of domestic violence.

  • The Weight of Peculiarity

  • Misplaced resolve

  • Unbelievable!

    Last month, an American content creator who was well known in Christian circles for his poems and podcasts, posted on social media that he was no longer a Christian. I was angered and a bit confused by his post. I never foresaw the possibility of someone who was essential in the growth of my faith making such a statement.

  • Pick your poison

    Last year I was watching an interview of a prominent figure in Jamaican politics. During her interview she briefly spoke about her Christian upbringing and her decision to get baptized as a teenager. However, I was most surprised by her assessment of her Christian journey as she could only attest to the rigours of her walk and not the Christ-given fruits of it.

  • Self-discovery is not what you think it means

    At what stage of one's life should he/she be content with what they know about themselves? Is there more to me worth discovering? Is there solace at the end of one’s journey of self-discovery?

  • Yow bill, take a chill!

    Expenses are an inevitable part of the human experience. Once there is a need, there is a cost associated with fulfilling this need. All are victims to the velocity and regularity to which bills are expected to be met. Yes “all”! Including children, disabled individuals, and the elderly. 

  • Discipleship from the grave

    Lilies are beautiful when they bloom. After days of abiding to and being nourished by its branch, it blooms until it is time to wither. In withering, new space is provided for new lilies to bud, be nourished and then bloom.

  • Run baby! Run!

    With each passing year of being saved, the Easter holidays have become less sympathetic and more sobering for me.

  • Harmless serpents

    At this time of the year, I remember being in high school and seeing everyone rejoicing, boasting or being anxious about receiving their acceptance letters from the university they applied to.