Aira Chilcott

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Aira Chilcott is a retired secondary school teacher with lots of science andtheology under her belt. Aira is a panellist and editor for PSI and indulges inreading, bushwalking and volunteering at a nature reserve. Aira is married to Billand they have three adult sons.

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  • Myanmar’s (Burma’s) Christians in peril

    Myanmar has been in the news recently, after a coup carried out by the Tatmadaw (Burmese military) on 1 February 2021, overturning the elected government and preventing recently elected lawmakers from opening a new session of Parliament.

  • Subjugation of Christians in China and Iran

    In both countries, the regimes are ignoring the concept of religious freedom and seeking to control their populations by force.

  • Expecting persecution

    We are living in interesting times - so many changes happening. When I think of the persecuted people in our world, I think we don’t take the threat of persecution very seriously – I mean, that happens in other countries, not here in Australia!

  • Piercing through the fog

    Two events of the past year, namely the Covid-19 pandemic threat and the drama of the US Presidential election, have consumed our media feeds and our attention.

  • What is impossible with man…

    As I was doing some reading in preparation for this article, I came across a very interesting comment piece in The Guardian by a Jewish rabbi named Ephraim Mirvis.

  • Even if we don’t see it, God’s working

    It is easy to get discouraged when reading about the persecution of Christians around the world. Sometimes all we seem to be doing is praying: asking God to intervene in nations, to change minds of leaders, to save and protect His people, to overcome the forces of evil in the world.

  • Christmas under persecution

    As we celebrate our Saviour’s birth during this month, let us not forget the struggles that Christians have in other parts of the world. Here are just some snapshots of situations facing Christians in the world.

  • A cry for justice in Pakistan

    It is tragic enough to hear of discrimination and abuse of people based only on their world view and belief system, but it is particularly heinous to see such abuse being perpetrated against young girls.

  • The high cost of discipleship

    One of the devastating circumstances for Christians living in regimes that are opposed to Christ is the risk of being betrayed by people who infiltrate the group and gain their trust.

  • Persecution in China

    The Chinese Church is standing on the threshold of major persecution. China has around 115 million Protestant Christians, less than 30 million of whom attend CCP-approved churches.