Natalie Hunte

Press Services International

Natalie is a marketing manager by profession, and she also serves as the communications specialist at her local assembly, Hope Church, in Barbados. She loves the Lord and is passionate about helping others to reach their full purpose and potential in Christ.

Natalie, her husband Fabian and a few friends also share thoughts and devotions concerning Christ on their website

  • Is He Lord over all

    There are rooms in our home that visitors are not allowed to enter. Well, to be honest, because of the size of our apartment, I should really say that there is one main room you will be greeted and entertained in when you visit us.

  • Undeserved mercy and grace

    Do you remember being gifted with money for birthdays or special occasions when you were a child? What did you do with your ‘windfall’?

  • Time out! Preparation by separation.

    Some time ago, I saw a joke on social media that made me ‘clutch my pearls’ in response to some now comical, but then horrific memories from my childhood.

  • He who has the Son has everything

    When was the last time you replaced a light bulb? I’m guessing that this household chore is not foreign to any of us who love to enjoy our well-illuminated homes.

  • Nostalgia – the good old days

    Did you know that nostalgia was actually considered a disease? Yup, back in 17-19th century, nostalgia was a bona fide medically recognised condition, which had detrimental effects on soldiers, weaned children, and young people leaving home for the first time.

  • I’m a daddy’s girl

    I’m a daddy’s girl! Yup, for me my daddy will always be bigger and stronger than your daddy.