Justin Monaghan

Press Service International

Justin Monaghan is married to his beautiful wife Liana a CT writer. Justin is also a prophetic artist under the label JR Faith Creations as well is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry with his studies in VFX and digital illustration at university. He is a lover of surfing and anything adventurous.

  • Love will cost you something! It’s not just words!

    It’s fitting that weeks after Awakening  Australia in Melbourne a few weeks ago that I write this article in a tent covered in a million types of bugs on a beach in Waitpinga SA looking after $$$ of surf contest equipment in the name of loving a bunch of work crew for Jesus at the Australian Junior Surfing titles.

  • Art as a message

    There is a creative arts uprising happening in the Church across the globe particularly in the visual arts. Every day my Facebook wall fills with mighty masterpieces of insight and truth created by many of God's awesome creative family.

  • The Parable of Our Apple Tree

    Three years back I struggled with what many refer to as depression, and during this time my wife and I returned to a coastal area we had left four years earlier. We'd hoped it would be a wonderful homecoming, but I couldn't shake the mantle of failure.

  • Get Prepared for 'Whatever'

    As a surfer I have found it's not good enough to just catch the wave, you need to be able to catch the wave in the right position.

  • Nothing can stop the action of love

    Sometimes sharing the gospel looks really different to how we envision it to be or have experienced it in the past.

  • "Wake up Son, I want to take you deeper."

    Over these past few weeks the old alarm clock has become null and void and the reason is because a new alarm clock has arrived and this one wakes me regularly between the hours of 2:30am and 4am

  • It’s time to take a stand

    Why is it more important to go along with the culture of the world than the culture of the Kingdom?

  • “Just trust Me”

    In three weeks my wife and I need to move house. So in the next three weeks the right house needs to open up to us and we need some miraculous provision.

  • Cruise life and the servants behind the luxury!

    Late last year my wife and I entered the world of cruising for the first time. This experience felt like we had entered some sort of alternate reality where suddenly you could exchange your normal day life for one where you work on magic currency.

  • Let the River Flow

    One of the thoughts that has crossed my mind recently is how nature and beauty around us can teach us so much about how we were supposed to originally live.