The Haydn Lea Story

The Haydn Lea Story

Haydn Lea writes  -  I have been one of the ‘young’ writers for a few years now. Like others, I have been given the opportunity to share some of ‘my story’..

  • Young Scientist of the Year 2005 – to Uni Professor

    A wonderful interviews for the Australian Missionary News IPTV, Nathanael Yates from Perth - Australian Young Scientist of the Year from 2005. He is now a science professor at Queensland Uni.

  • Women’s Sport

    84,000 patrons turned up at the MCG this past weekend to watch the Australian women’s cricket team defeat the Indian women’s cricket team in the One Day International World Cup series.

  • The Jo Fuller Story

    Jo Fuller writes:  At 35, I still feel like My Story is being written.

  • Tony Dunkerley - a tribute

    The late Tony Dunkerley was a celebrity of the young writer program.

  • The Errol Pike Story

    Errol Pike writes of  …  ‘A Most Fortunate Life’ Seventy-five years on and I continue to be blessed with a most fortunate life.

  • The Graham McDonald Story

    Graham McDonald writes - For 39 years the Lord let me set my own standards and do my own thing. Then He dramatically changed me from a self-seeking self-centered businessman of the world to a follower and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • New Zealand Christian Writers

    Debbie McDermott was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she met and married her husband Sean in 1990 and subsequently migrated to New Zealand.

  • Liverpool 22 points clear in Winter break!

    England’s inaugural Winter break has taken place with many Premier League clubs giving their players some much needed rest.

  • The Sheelagh Wegman Story

    Sheelagh Wegman writes  -  My story will probably seem a bit strange to some people. I sometimes feel wistful, when I read the stories of other Christian folk who were brought up in loving and stable Christian families with siblings and cousins and a close community. They seemed to have been very blessed.

  • The Cheryl McGrath Story

  • The Esther Koh Story

    During a choir practice, the person-in-charge was taking attendance and called out ‘Esther’. Four heads turned and one asked, “which Esther?”.