Christian belief in Australia under pressure

Christian belief in Australia under pressure

Covid 19 has had a number of impacts both good and bad on Christians. This article therefore looks at Christian belief which places believers under pressure. This can happen anywhere and at anytime. It can be tough going..

  • Created in His image

    Whether you are a believer or not, you would have, at some point in your life, read or heard of the creation story.

  • No fear in death

    A few years ago I wrote an article exploring the issue of death and the wisdom that can be gleamed from it with thoughts from the book of Ecclesiastes and pronouncement Solomon makes of explaining that death is the end of all men and the living take it to heart.

  • The Third Pentecost

    The bible is beautifully poetic in the alignment and symbolism of major events. A mentor of mine recently revealed to me how this poetry leaps beyond the bible’s pages into milestones in our lives today.

  • Taboo subjects from the heart of America

    I currently live 30 minutes from Washington D.C. or in other words, I live 30 minutes from the political capital of the United States. Where lines are drawn, ideas are weapons and unity is talked about as if there’s actually a hope of it happening.

  • A note on free speech

    Following on from my article last week, titled  -  Not a problem  -  we have seen the hate come out against Israel Folau and Margaret Court and many lesser figures in Australia.

  • Embracing our flavours

    The city of Wellington is blessed with a variety of restaurants that add to the flavour of the city. Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Cambodian, Mongolian, Greek, Malaysian, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Irish, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Japanese and French. Take your pick.

  • The Importance of Forgiveness

    Couples who make it to their 20, 30, 40-year anniversaries are impressive, but most people have no clue the amount of repentance and forgiveness it took for the couple to make it that far.

  • We are Christians first

    I am a Christian first. I am a student, but a Christian student. I am a daughter but a Christian daughter. I am a sister, but a Christian sister. I am a friend but a Christian Friend. I am black, but a Christian that is black. And for this reason, all my views and thoughts are through the lens of being a Christian.

  • Touches us all – new car sales

    Late last year I had occasion to trade in two cars to return being a one car household. The chief sales person for that major Ford dealership was telling me they sold six new cars that day. That is the kind of figure large dealerships need in turn over. 

  • Educational analysis

    At this time every year – that is the second half of the year and Year 12 students are looking at future pathways. And we know that end of year exams are not the be-all and end-all of anything.

  • Just one touch of Jesus

    Across the world, news of the pandemic seems to have become a norm months later. Here in New Zealand, there is a sense of relief and even triumph as we went weeks without an active case of Covid 19. The occasional cases that popped upkeep us on our toes as we live with this new normal.