Tim Price

Press Service International

Tim is a high school teacher in Queensland and just finished a season being a youth pastor in America. He has a passion for the gospel and for seeing lives changed by the power, person and love of Jesus Christ.

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  • ‘To vaccinate’ or ‘not vaccinate’ - that is the question!

    The worldwide response to Covid is creating two angry, divided, and judgmental camps; the ‘vaccinate if you care about others’ crew, and the ‘I have a right to my own body’ brigade. The ugly result is that vaccine tribalism has ironically become its own pandemic.

  • Truth: The Problem with ‘Making Up Your Own Mind’

    I don’t want to hear one more of your opinions. Anyone’s opinions—not a single one; I’m done. I don’t care what you think about the environment, politics, culture, economics, education, or the state of world affairs.

  • Street Preaching – You can do it!

    Although this method of Gospel-sharing is mostly misunderstood and rejected by much of the church these days (in favour of so called ‘better’ ways), street-preaching was THE method the Holy Spirit chose and the Early Church used to spread the Good News.

  • The time for games is over

    At some point in the last hundred years the Western Christian fell victim to a charming yet deceptive narrative.

  • Fables, fairy tales, and the Valley of Vision

    Much of Christendom is expecting a golden future for this world, fulfilling their wildest dreams. If you're one of them, I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you—the Lord's been revealing something much different to me.

  • Where did the watchmen go

    An even better question for Christians may be, ‘Where did the ‘watching’ go?’

  • The New Religion – Politics

    A new religion has swept the globe and it has almost more followers than all other religions combined: Politics. Politics is the new religion, and it has set itself up as a golden-idol in the hearts of millions around the world.

  • The Insurrection-Infection

    By now, the disgraceful attempted insurrection at the US Capital needs no introduction. The events of that day reverberated around the world and shook the most stout-hearted believer in Western democracy.

  • America, Camelot & the Once and Future King

    Just like many people around the globe will likely never read this article (internet access), many will never see the signs which warn of America’s potential demise.

  • “It’s all a Conspiracy!”

    Gone are the days when people used to say in withering-jest, “It’s all a conspiracy.” Shocked looks, eye-rolls, and sarcastic groans used to follow outlandish claims of the equally ‘outlandish’ conspiracy theorist. These days it seems everything is viewed as a conspiracy. Even highly respected governments haven’t escaped unscathed.