Neville Hiatt

Press Services International

Neville Hiatt was the 2020 Press Services International Tronson Senior Writers Award Winner for Australia. His previous posts for can be read here.

He spent a decade working for Radio Stations before his career was intermissioned by someone in a hurry to get home from work. For more of his award winning creativity visit

He also blogs for the way cryptocurrencies and blockchain are changing our world.

  • The Power of Poetry

  • Elise’s Blanket

    When I released my collection of short stories years ago I used an extremely talented illustrator to give a visual ...

  • Who is Xi Xi Pandrews?

    “But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you ...

  • Have you seen a marshmallow farm

    How often do you view your surroundings like a child does?

  • Encouragement from a reader

    In my last couple of articles I diverted from commenting on current events to bring you some encouragement. I received some encouragement of my own recently with the below email.

  • Iconic Australian Birds

    If I asked you to name an Australian bird what would be your answer? I doubt pigeon would be high on that list. If I asked you to name a bird you didn’t like, you might answer pigeon. If you asked me would I ever include a photograph of a pigeon in my yearly collection I’d probably say no.

  • The signature of God

    How do you reply to someone when you don't know the answer to their question?

  • Koalas are not bears

    Koala’s are marsupials. Bears are not marsupials. They are often called koala bears but that is inaccurate. They do make a great subject to photograph. Some artists say they don’t have favourites when it comes to their own work. I am not one of those artists. I love this photograph that I captured during the last Spring.

  • The power of a single candle.

    I could easily bring you an update on the pastors being arrested in western countries. Or inform you of the churches that are being burnt and vandalized every day. But you can follow those stories yourself and do what you believe you must based on that information. This month I want to bring you some encouragement on how much someone can achieve despite their background or current challenges.

  • Art work – Life Motto

    A picture is worth a thousand words is a common saying when it comes to photography. This photograph contains 44.