Mark Rusic

Press Service International

Mark Rusic was born in Melbourne and has a bachelor in Mechanical engineering. He became a missionary to many suffering hardship and poverty on Madura Island in Indonesia, for about 4 years, from 1990. He has worked as a pastor-life coach over the past 17 years in Hope International Ministries.  Mark is also an artist and author and has also written two books which are a collection of his own paintings, photography and poetry. These include ‘Iconic Melbourne of Australia’ and ‘Iconic Animals of Australia with a voice to release your giant potential within.’ He has been counted among some of Australia’s best-selling authors since 2014 and is a public speaker in various community groups, organisations and churches. He has a special grace to help people find and release why they were born. See for more information about Mark’s services.

  • Passing the pressure test without the cracks!

    What pressures are assailing you? Has wear and tear due to trials been causing distinct emotional fatigue and cracks?  Difficulties due to your finances, marital issues, kids, covid19, ministry dead ends, etc...?

  • Are you holding on to your keys?

    God has given us the keys of his kingdom to release heaven on earth. When used they give us a wonderful spiritual foretaste and appetiser to Jesus returning to fully establish his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, and to completely eradicate darkness.

  • “You’re in position for such a time as this.”

    As an artist and pastor, I want my paintings to have a certain impressionistic beauty, while also carrying the prophetic voice of the spirit of God to encourage people.

  • I love where I am

    As an artist and pastor I want my paintings to have a certain impressionistic beauty, while also carrying the prophetic voice of the spirit of God to encourage people.

  • Keep Moving

    As an artist and pastor I want to inject a prophetic voice with my paintings to release heaven on earth; ‘your kingdom come,’ Jesus said.

  • Racism, royals and a silent revolution

    The recent strong exchanges between Royals over ‘who is racist’ have boiled over into a media frenzy for all to see. Racism has raised its ugly head yet again.

  • To the 74 million with love

    74 million including many expectant evangelicals voted for Trump only to see him lose.  “It’s over. Let’s get on with life,” you may say. But Trump’s loss to gain a second term in office has left many in a place of deep disappointment.

  • Get the cows unlocked and wells unplugged

    Welcome to the intriguing world of Vincent Van Gogh. Is ‘The Cows’ painting just another Van Gogh? I say there is more to it.

  • The Movie Titanic-Coronavirus Parallel

    With the pandemic spreading, the dying escalating, economies sinking, and livelihoods smashed around the globe, I was strangely reminded of the movie Titanic.  The coronavirus is like the unsuspecting iceberg which we have tragically struck! And it seems we are all sinking.

  • Do you need to change?

    Situations may be arising, or circumstances you now face may be screaming out at you to change. It may be due to friction with someone close or a situation that requires a different perspective or approach.