Laura Wardrop

Press Services International

Laura Wardrop has undertaken further study in the areas of Linguistics, Art, and Ministry. She currently works a graphic artist and painter, and takes a keen interest in exploring all areas of human creativity as a reflection of God’s character. She lives with her husband Stephen and two children in Brisbane. 

  • I’ll remember Jondaryan.

    “As Australians, when we remember Gallipoli, we do not glorify or celebrate war. War is not glorious; it is hideous and calamitous. It comes at a terrible cost…”

  • Glory through torn curtains

    Every year for as long as I can remember, I would watch the moon sail across the sky over Easter.

  • We don’t talk about Bruno

    It is easy to blame church attendance on the unprecedented times our world has endured, it is easy to blame a lack of interest in the gospel on the negative portrayal of Christianity in secular media, or blame the moral failures of highly influential Christian ministers and public figures for perpetuating mistrust amongst the community.

  • On the border of hope- digital painting

    In the years to come,History will remember the numbers of lives lost to illness and war, the destruction of lands in conflict and natural disaster, and the governments who led amidst unprecedented challenges. But what will our children remember?

  • The anaemic donor

    Yesterday as I sat watching rust-coloured iron solution drip slowly through an IV and into my body, I reflected on how my life would change in the coming days and weeks. For the almost 6 months I have been pregnant, my body has simply rejected iron; and with my body already drained of nutrients by the knitting of God’s most precious of gifts, I was left with severe anaemia. 

  • Imaginary colours and Psalm 139

    “How precious are your thoughts unto me, O God!

  • Biblical illiteracy, moral ambiguity and attention deficiency: the plagues of tomorrow.

  • The Women and the Well

  • The white saviour and the value of mission

    As our nation prepares to opens its state and international borders, churches are keenly awaiting to send their best out into the mission fields once more.

  • The Spirit of Prophecy