Grant Harris

Press Service International

Grant Harris is a reformed banker who has been the Senior Pastor of Windsor Park Baptist Church in Auckland, New Zealand, for eleven years. Grant’s passionate about seeing people catch a glimpse of who they are in Christ and living out the difference that makes. He’s tried living according to the patterns of this world and found that those patterns came up short. He’s still a work-in-progress and always will be. You can contact Grant at

  • COVID Courage

    We all love a rousing Bible Scripture to tweet or post to our social media accounts. They become motivational memes and niceties that help us navigate long winters and bad days.

  • Can I call myself a prophet?

    As an avid reader of current events there is much to say about the gift of prophecy, and there has been much said about prophets over the last year, particularly if you follow politics in the USA.

  • Find what you’re looking for

    Previously called Missing Pieces, Lost and Found and now David Lomas Investigates, this New Zealand produced documentary series not only helps people find missing relatives across the globe

  • Growth. It’s in your hands.

    Like most of you, I’m quite excited to see in a New Year. With all the craziness and change that 2020 brought to my life, waving goodbye to a year like no other feels different to any of the previous 50 New Years I have seen – admittedly I confess I cannot remember the first ten or so!

  • Change. Really?

    As we come to the end of the year a lot of people are asking questions about 2021. What will change that will be different from 2020? Has the COVID19 pandemic really changed our society?

  • A New Normal?

    There is a lot of background chatter about what a new normal might look like when the COVID19 pandemic starts to ease.

  • An Identity Bigger Than Me

    Out of my own journey of discovering my identity as a child of God, I’ve become a proponent of helping others find their identity in God; it’s a mark of my preaching and becomes central in any discussions I have with people who are struggling in life.

  • The Repair Shop God

    Perhaps the nicest show on television has been screening here in New Zealand this year. The Repair Shop is a British show where people take their old worn-down family heirlooms to be fixed by a team of tender, loving and expert craftspeople.

  • Where The Magic Happens

    During the COVID19 lockdown here in New Zealand many of us learnt all sorts of things about how our rhythms of work and leisure could pivot so easily.

  • Leading Out Of A Storm

    From Wednesday 25th March 2020 New Zealand moved into Alert Level 4 – full lockdown. My generation had not known anything like it, being confined to our homes barring a walk around our own neighbourhood, which fortunately meant the golden sands of the East Coast Bays beaches here on the North Shore of Auckland.