Grace Mathew

Press Service International

Grace Mathew is a Press Service International writer from Sydney, who has been writing for Christian Today for many years. Grace holds degrees in International Relations and International Business and works as a consultant. 

  • When Virus Mutations Become Life Mutations

    Even the most nomadic of wanderers have been caught off-kilter by the jumbled rhythm of this all-consuming crisis. Previously, our transience was on our terms; now, it is government mandated. The fickle hand of fate comes dressed in a starched blue uniform, short marching us to a future unknown.

  • There's more to fishing than catching fish

    Traditionally, the sportswomen among us have not been valued for their tact and speaking ability (heck, many aren't even valued for their sporting ability… cough – Maria Sharapova – cough. Pretty sure she only earns 1/24th of her annual salary from actually playing tennis). But good news, guys! They CAN actually speak with those mouths of theirs, and sometimes those words even make sense (I know some of you readers are sitting there in shock. You honestly did not think it was so).

  • Delightful reflections on Hillsong 2018

    If miraculously blue skies are a sign of an open heaven, Hillsong Conference seems to be in perennial favour with those above.

  • Hillsong 2018 - What to do when hope ends in death

    This week a beautiful friend shrugged off her earthly cloth, that cancer-ridden flesh which could no longer contain the life and the light that we saw shining from her eyes, eyes that sometimes held tears but always held faith, and she went home for eternity.  

  • Justin Bieber shows signs of maturity at Hillsong Conference, amidst nudity scandal

    The diminutive popstar, whose Twitter following will soon outstrip the combined population of Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Britain, recently attended his third Hillsong conference.

  • Hillsong 2017 'Observations'

    Supernaturally blue skies and warm breezes were a heavenly greeting for delegates on the first day of Hillsong’s annual conference, this year bearing the title “Closer”.