Genevieve Wilson

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Genevieve Wilson is Canadian. a happily married home-schooling mum of 3, whose passion is to see people come to know Jesus. She is a seminary wife to her amazing husband.

  • “God vs Government” - my friend and pastor was jailed

    What would you do if you are convinced from the Bible that you must disobey the government in order to obey God?

  • Wait…. the Bible says what??

    Hopefully if you read a love letter I wrote to my husband you wouldn’t assume the words of affection were intended for you. This unnatural (and very awkward) method of interpreting a love letter, as if it was written directly to you, is however, how we sometimes read the Bible.

  • My Prime Minister called me a racist and woman hater  

    Hi, for those who don’t know me I’m Genevieve Wilson and I am a follower of Christ. I’m going to share with you something very personal, something that I don’t believe people ever need to know, however for the purpose of this article I hope it challenges you…  

  • In the beginning God created sex

  • Survey please - The state of the Covid church

  • Walking through the unknown

  • Why I Miss the Church

    Not only has Covid brought a lot of challenges and division within the universal church and local churches, but this year has also been especially challenging for my family and me because we are in a transitional season between churches.

  • Why church discipline is necessary in every church

    The idea of church discipline brings many different responses.  Many who object to the idea have a variety of reasons for doing so, some of which are legitimate concerns.

  • Life in a world of chaos

    Imagine the chaos if you were to remove the rule book from a sport and allow the spectators or players to be the umpire. Without rules or a judge of the rules, I expect even the most tame and elegant of sports would turn to a blood bath and the winner would be the last person standing.

  • When worship music is wrong

    The clear purpose of ‘worship music’ is to worship through the assistance of music. However, with all the different styles of ‘worship music’ and the millions of Christian songs that have become available to the church it is important to ask what is good and bad worship music?