Spoiler-Free Sex

Published 10 April 2013  |  
I know first hand that self-gratification first and foremost ruins everything. You see, I've been a big fan of the TV series the Walking Dead for a while. But because of the delay of screening between America and Australia I've been frantically Googling spoilers like someone with a sick, sick addiction.

I'm so addicted to spoilers that I had to go a week early to get my ultrasound just in case they could tell me the sex of my baby extra early when I was pregnant. I even search for spoilers in the Book of Revelation! Nope, I'm not content waiting for Jesus to get back to find out what happens… I want to know NOOOOOOOW.

But can you really blame me? We are in a culture that doesn't like to wait. We don't like to wait for anything. Patience is a virtue that most in my generation and those younger don't quite have. And you can tell it. We're the smartphone generation, the Internet generation. Something new comes out and we can get it from a few taps of our fingers. We can get what we want NOW without hassle.

And kids these days know what they want. They want to grow up too fast. They want to experience adult things and in a society like this, nothing is stopping them from experiencing adult things. Young girls are learning pole dancing. They make porn star outfits for toddlers. It's pretty easy to create a life of the sort of drama you see in the movies and that's what people want. And that's what's driving kids to strive for it.

So now we come to pornography and sex. Yes, self-gratification has long ruined sex. I'm not talking about the sanctity of it, or the purity of it but merely the thrill of waiting for it. Just like all of my spoilers have ruined the mere pleasure of watching the Walking Dead for me. I no longer get a thrill out of the plot twists and turns, it's boring to me, but I still hang onto every moment of my sick, sick addiction to the television program.

Pornography (which face it, many children over ten have viewed) is like the SPOILER ALERT that ruins TV. And through that SPOILER ALERT you can get your self-gratification now through masturbation even if it destroys the experience of sex later in life. Kids can get this SPOILER ALERT as young as six or seven if you are stupid enough to give them access to a smartphone or tablet. This is the new generation that we're moulding with porn, 50 Shades of Grey and "lemon" fanfiction.

An empty, but sex hungry group that no longer consider sex to be sanctified and holy but instead need it like a mindless addiction – much like me and my addiction to spoilers about zombie killing action. This monster has already been created and then we wonder why instances of rape are up in young people, we wonder why teenage boys are abusing preteen girls! Isn't it obvious why? They don't want to wait. Waiting until you grow up or you're married is boring. They want their spoiler alerts and they want it now.

So SPOILER ALERT - the more you know about sex does not make for a better sexual experience. SPOILER ALERT - the unrealistic world of porn and "lady porn" just leaves you feeling unfulfilled when it comes to real life. SPOILER ALERT – once you've lost that innocence you can't get it back and once you've lost that innocence, everything sweet about sex is gone. But the train is rolling and the spoilers are out there… click at your own risk.

Bridget Brenton is a new mum who lives on the Gold Coast, studies and teaches scripture at a local school. She has started 101arguments.com an apologetic effort to compile the largest number of arguments for God's existence as possible. After researching apologetics, philosophy and the paranormal for years, she is ready to fight the good fight where it counts the most.

Bridget Brenton's previous articles may be viewed at www.pressserviceinternational.org/bridget-brenton.html


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