Open Doors plans 'lock-in' for persecuted church

Published 26 September 2011
A group of Christian leaders will spend 12 hours in a locked cell in a show of solidarity with persecuted Christians worldwide.

The 'lock-in' next Friday is being organised by Open Doors, a charity that supports the persecuted church.

Participants include the Evangelical Alliance's Krish Kandiah, Jason Gardner of Fuse think tank, author and church leader Cris Rogers, and Open Doors UK and Ireland chief executive Eddie Lyle.

They will spend their time in the cell hearing testimonies from persecuted believers and reflecting on the plight of the suffering church.

Kandiah said: "Too often out of sight is out of mind for the persecuted church. The lock-in will be an opportunity to give time to this important challenge.

"I'm looking forward to understanding more about our brothers and sisters experiencing persecution for the gospel around the world."

The event is part of the Open Doors youth campaign Blackout, in which young people are 'blacking out' from the 21st century by not using their mobile phones, Facebook or TV.

Open Doors' youth spokesman Jonny Goodchild said: "Blackout is our way of bringing the persecuted church to today's generation, a social movement identifying with the censorship and restriction placed on the persecuted church."


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