Family First states contrast in stance from Australian Christians towards Muslim communities

Published 20 July 2012
Family First Victorian Director Ashley Fenn was concerned about some of the recent comments from Maria Bengtsson of the 'Australian Christians' political party.

The comment in question is Ms Bengtsson's comment reported on ABC, where she says: "Well I'm not racist but what we don't like is another religious like Islamic people pushing their religion, their Halal food, their culture, their Sharia law."

"We're against this as a Christian living in a Christian country and I represent 60 per cent, over 60 per cent of Christians in Australia."

Family First has stated that their stance is a "contrast" from Ms Bengtsson's statement, and they promote that Australia remains a free democratic society that respects everybody's rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Mr Fenn said that while Ms Bengtsson is free to express her opinions, he did not agree with her comments. He went on to say that our Islamic community has every right to eat whatever food, dress according to their cultural beliefs and worship in a manner that is safe and permissible within Australia's legal parameters.

"One of the great things about Australia is that everybody has the freedom to choose who they worship, and this can even include the AFL" Mr Fenn further stated that "It appears that Ms Bengtsson is the one who is pushing her agenda onto others."


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