Family First leader proposes university textbook rebate

Published 05 February 2011
With the University Admissions Centre (UAC) recently stating that they had received over 76,000 applications for undergraduate study in 2011, and a two percent increase on last years applications (excluding international students), Rev Dr Gordon Moyes, Parliamentary Leader of Family First, believes this is a timely opportunity to offer our domestic undergraduate students a university textbook rebate to alleviate undue financial stress and open the academic doors to those less fortunate.

Dr Moyes stated, "If I am given the opportunity to represent our state in the next Parliament, I will introduce a bill that legislates for university students to claim a rebate on their university textbooks. I am proposing this bill legislates either for a tax rebate, a 'claim straight away' scheme, a HELP delay payment, or a textbook buyback system.

"At this stage, private enterprises or universities are the only ones able to offer textbook scholarships or funding to university students, but they are limited to particular students with particular talents, and capped values.

"University textbooks sometimes cost over $100 each and students study up to four subjects per semester (or sometimes more). That means it can cost up to $800 per semester, or $1,600 per year, or a possible $6,400 per four year degree, to supply a university student with their textbooks, not to mention the compulsory university registration fees that apply. In some circumstances, our university students are only supported by part time jobs, or are receiving Centrelink benefits, and can't afford to pay for their textbooks.

"With the Government recently introducing the Education Refund to our primary and high school students, I ask the question: why are we not providing for our university students also? The HELP scheme is good but our youth need more! I believe it is imperative to open the doors to those less fortunate, as well as, ultimately helping the youth of our state to achieve their academic goals without undue financial stress. My proposed rebate will offer that to our university students. I will endeavour to enact this legislation as soon as I am re-appointed to the Upper House", concluded Dr Moyes.


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