Egypt: Minya pastors and families shaken by attacks

Published 11 October 2013  |  
Pastors and their families in Minya in Upper Egypt say they are still coming to terms with violent attacks on their churches.

Angry Muslim Brotherhood supporters, who blame Christians for President Morsi's downfall, set fire to the Baptist church in Bani Mazar in the Minya Governorate. Moderate Muslims tried to help Pastor Amir Labib and his family, but the rioters destroyed the church and burgled and burned the family's home.

The same day, a mob attacked an Assemblies of God church in Minya, setting it on fire. Fearing for their lives, Pastor Saed and his family managed to escape through a window.

Both pastors told us that they have forgiven their attackers and one has refused to press charges. However, their wives and children have been badly shaken by the violence.

Pray Points

- Please pray for Pastor Saed, his wife Nadia and their children, and for Pastor Labib and his family. Thank God that they want to stay in Egypt and work for reconciliation with their Muslim neighbours.

- Pray God's peace over Christians in Egypt. They are being treated as scapegoats by pro-Morsi supporters, and have been attacked with apparent impunity. Pray for an end to the violence.

- Please pray for the success of Release's emergency appeal for Christians in Minya who have lost everything in the recent violence. More details here.


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