Doom and gloom and brighter things

Published 16 February 2016  |  
Bridget Brenton

Have you heard the battle cries in the heavenlies? Those strange sounds cropping up all over YouTube (and the world). Then there's the so-called 'sonic booms' occurring without physical cause in various parts of the US.

Fish and sea life are washing up dead all over. Bird life is also spontaneously dying in some places. Crosses and wonders such as portraits of Jesus and the recent 'hand of God' have lit up the skies.

This is the age in which we live.

Have you been paying attention?

Have you been watching?

God's prophets and watchmen are crying out—judgement is at our heels, the age of mercy is coming to a close and Jesus is coming sooner than we think.

How many have been listening? How many have been preparing? Or how many have been laughing it off until there is more proof? More 'signs and wonders'.

The signs are there and we know everything will happen quickly when the end does come. No time for takebacks or sudden changes of mind. If you're walking a path, by the time you realise what's going on, it'll be too late.

There are people out there trying to get our attention, carrying the John the Baptist message: Repent and be saved. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, repent, repent.

The calling is real

If you're distracting yourself with many things in life, you'll probably miss all this... or the importance of it. Recently, I was the same way with many distractions; but God is calling His people back to Him just like God called me back.

If you haven't heard the call, maybe you're not listening.

Last year, I heard the call and realised I had to get serious. No time left for entertaining ourselves to death, for trivialities. There's a war brewing in the spiritual realm. And while I've been a rather wayward soldier in reporting for spiritual bootcamp, day by day I'm realising the need for it.

Rick Joyner had the vision of an end time army in his book A Prophetic Vision for the 21st Century. There were three groups of soldiers. The first was a small army, obedient and resolute, yet having the peace of God and the unity of the Spirit of God. The second was a larger army, lacking armour and weapons; but with devotion and purpose. The last was the biggest army of all—not unified, and unprepared with many wounded.

Time to make a stand

Which army do you belong to? I'm not in the first group, but by God's leading there is hope—at very least I can start to get prepared. I can see the signs all around us, and believe.

Spiritual warfare is real and our weapons are love and prayer. We are to be anxious for nothing but in all things come before God and lay our burdens at the foot of the cross. Fear is not from God; but neither is being asleep, instead of awake and watchful.

Make sure you don't fall into either trap but, most importantly, don't fail to report for duty to your Lord, if indeed He is your Lord.

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