A negotiated solution for Syria, not military action

Published 05 September 2013  |  
"At this crucial time, the people of Syria and the Middle East need peace not war. Weapons or military action can not bring peace to Syria is the firm conviction of Middle Eastern Church leaders meeting this week in Amman, Jordan," said the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA).

The NCCA has expressed concern for the people of Syria and condemns the use of chemical weapons. "This crime needs to be investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted." said the Reverend Tara Curlewis, NCCA general secretary.

"External military intervention will only increase the suffering of the people and increase the risk of escalating sectarian violence"

"The people of Syria want peace not war. They are calling for a negotiated political solution. The people of Syria need world leaders to support non violent actions to ensure security and peace."

Curlewis added "We call on the Foreign Minister the Hon. Bob Carr to engage with the leaders of the USA and Russia at the G20 leaders meeting to identify each countries contribution to a political process towards peace and justice for Syria."

"A significant contribution Australia could make would be to be part of a process that identifies ways to starve the fire of war and reduces the flow of deadly armaments at this time."

The NCCA joins the call of the World Council of Churches, Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury for dedicated prayer and work for peace in Syria, with a particular emphasis on Saturday, September 7.


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